Sexual Abuses by the Burmese Army

Women’s League of Burma has registered over a 100 sexual abuse cases by the Burmese military since Thei Sein Government election in 2010 and many more are hidden because of bribes, threats, murder and ignorance. The Burmese government is failing to protect Women’s rights, they are not socially, politically and humanely addressing the sexual violence atrocities committed by the Burmese men. Women’s rights, Human rights, International laws and domestic legal system compliances are trashed by civilians, military and government. Large proportion of sexual violence occurs in the Kachin and Northern Shan State, since 2011 The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) documented 59 Women have been victims of acts of sexual violence by Burmese soldiers. The Shan Women’s Action Network reports 30 cases of sexual violence cases including 35 Women and Girls in the past three years. The Burmese land are using sexual violence as a tool of war and We, the International community, need to end these crimes, ensure not a single sexual act of violence is recorded anywhere on the earth. Women’s and Girls rights are most important rights on earth. We are all required to report and end sexual violence by all means, We must end these atrocities . No economies, no other politics are as important as ending global sexual violence. There have been recordings of47 cases of brutal gang rapes, several victims were as young as 8 years old and 28  Women were either killed or died of severe injuries. Over 38 Burmese military battalions are guilty of sexual violence , several battalions are involved in several cases and these atrocities are registered in at least 35 different townships. It is well feared that horrifyingly sexual violence is let to occur with “licenses to rape” because of all the ignorance, threats, bribes and killings by Burmese officials. This is a horrifying, threatening and tragic life that Burmese authorities are forcing upon innocent Women in Burma. The war of sexual violence against Women must be brought to justice, all guilty must be incarcerated and all victims must be welcomed to new lives.

The constitution drawn up in 2008 must be changed, the military can no longer administer its affairs, they are failing to ensure Women’s rights, are degrading Women by all frightening means and justice must be brought forward by means of independent judicial system, courts, communities for victims and safe living conditions. Today the Human Rights Commission is forced to inability to address all Human rights violations, We must force rights to be presented to all Burmese Women and Girls right now.

Since 2010, under Thein Sein’s government Women League of Burma has documented 104 sexual violence acts against Women. Victimised Women, Families and those who know of the crimes are threatened at gun point not to report the crimes, upon reports, the Burmese authorities ignore and refuse to incarcerate criminals, Burmese authorities bribe Everyone seeking justice and do not respect International Human Rights and International Women’s rights. The National Myanmar Human Rights Commission has been established in 2011, adopted the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, ratified by the UN Security Council Resolution 16 and most recently published the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women 2013-2011 (NSPAW). The chairman for the Committee for Rule of Law and Tranquillity is Daw Aung Suu Kyi as of 2012 is failing to respect rights of Women and ensure justice for all Women. This is  a failure to World Government and UN must END this failure immediately.

The ongoing military violences is destroying villages, separating Families, murdering people, abusing Women and failing all domestic and international laws and treaties. It is awful that in the year 2014, as always before, men undertake military weapons to ruin society. Life is about growing Families, developing communities, education, participating in communal services, providing opportunities to those who have been less able to compete in the market as among many other factors. The Burmese life must be brought to justice. Those who do not enrol at the military are unemployed. Persons outside military must be provided opportunities to employment and must live under same conditions as Everyone who are already employed, educated and are living a lifestyle of riches. Our purpose on earth is not to accumulate riches – having realised failure of World Government at UN statistics of Women’s Rights, this is a disgust. We cannot let riches accumalate for statistical purposes while Burmese military men are sexually assaulting Women in Burma and UN failing to END this and are only gathering statistics. Our life is not to compete the market to earn riches to become negligent, ignorant and abusive, these are the worst crimes today. Our international community must oppose persons with privileged lifestyles that ignore those who had not been able to compete in the market any more for the reasons that the privileged rely on Everyone to be let them to have a privileged lifestyle, Women in Burma are not let a life to Women’s Rights. Our problem today is the communities around the globe are provided guns to abuse local villagers, sexually assault Women and outrage all international and domestic laws and treaties, intellectuals all over the international society are addressing these issues with difficulty even with international and domestic laws and treaties. Judicial systems are failing Women’s Rights. On the one hand International treaties are ignored to bring criminals in Burma to justice, on the other hand International communities are providing Burmese military with weapons and on the third hand international civilians are forced to negligence by international and domestic laws and treaties by means of Our prevented efforts to bring justice due to nations being let into independent state control that are too ignorant and offensive. Too much ignorance is forced by the international governments since their personal abusive behaviours, We live in international societies that are corrupt, wish to pass laws to force difficulty upon local residents due their accumulated riches and grown ignorance, in turn distracting millions from addressing atrocities abroad all because people must intervene locally to have Their rights respected just because the more rich, all thanks to Everyone they end up ignoring, are not showing intelligence to a working nation. Instead We are led to a failing state, politics distracted by immigrant travels and all this is done simultaneously while the same politics in each one of these very many nations precede to military warfare in other regions of the world, often for reasons of occupation than stability of a country. We are living in times of horror. We are All required to force justice for All persons on earth. Justice by means of prosperous life for good doers and incarceration for wrongdoers rather than national ignorance of atrocities in Burma, foreign intervention, market economy and national abuse of laws.

In November 2013 due to military attacks 2,000 have been displaced. Nations near to Burma as China, Russia, India and Pakistan are not addressing these displacements, abusive forces and refused Human Rights, instead Burma’s neighbours offer sales to weapons, lends money, supplies financial aid, travels earth to carry out business deals to purchase of weapons themselves. China has in 2013 signed a business agreement with Russia to purchase military weapons for billions, these nations must focus on global education, establishment of peace, ending world hunger – not developing warfare to have earth succumb to death for the very few families to grow as powers that refuse to step down from government or later insert new governors to take over who too are all ignorant of international community, Our laws and justice. As always these government are a compilation of wrongdoing men, who isolate Women from government too only destruct earth by means of not preceding to international justice. We must end Our men governance, Our history of men leading a nation is a failure, it is a worst experience to be led by men in government, they are by force of ignorance, negligence and criminal behaviour explicitly not suitable to lead any nation.

KWAT has recorded a gang rape lasting three days of a 48 year old Women in a church where ten troops beat the Women with rifle butts, stabbed Her with knifes and stripped naked raped Her. Grandmother of 12 children assaulted has been reunited with Her Family and is now mentally deranged from all the abuse. International community is only able to grow awareness since international government are far too destructive in nation personal means to develop warfare capabilities rather than grow international education, hospitals, diners and force international justice. International broadcasting is focused on poor education in developed nations, business agreements of weapons, national sexual violence, international isolation of Women from all employment – We are living during the worst times, this must be ended, this is no earth to bring up children, it is a horrific earth with a film industry that prevents children from Their Mother’s Rights – serious, huge horror.

As terrible as the earth We live on is, a worst lesson forced by men is that Our Mothers carry Our Families to the future, We are born to realise Our limitations. As perfectly healthy, intelligent and beautiful as We are born, We are welcomed to forced limited opportunities by those in government. Our Mothers, Our Family Leaders are living in nations that prevent Them from world governance even when Their children are assumed to development within Them, having been born and growing up all due to Mothers care. Men’s unjust wrongdoing in military weapons transactions prior Family life, only at ages of 20 are children told by fathers education is necessary, they were so young already with children and We have failed to have a Family prior employment and they are too busy continuing to isolate Women from government, force international statistics against Women to live in an unjust and unrepresentative society. Our international community is a self failing tool for Our nations and We are forced to too live in times of Burmese military sexual violence.

In Burma, Girls as young as 8 and 15 years old are gang raped. National laws are ignored. International laws are ignored. Victims are killed. Victims are assaulted. Victims are ignored. Victims are bribed. International governments failing to END sexual violence in Burma. We are living in a most anger led government international society, it is a failed life due to failures of explicitly bad governance.

Rape is a tool to punish and control. Rape is a tool to control resources. Women’s prostitution is recognised globally and this is a horrifying CRIME. International governments are a failure. International governments assume ignorance of Burma’s violence for self benefits to recognise legalisation of sex industry at home, legalisation of cannabis, governments are talking of sports events, governments are talking of healthcare, all that are issues We can address within 24 hours. International healthcare, education and right can be addressed within 24 hours. We are able to combat every global victimised crime, We are only led to failure. Men seek to exploit Girls from early childhood, are given opportunities to play professional soccer for million Euro salaries, are not respecting religious values of marriage, seek to exploit Women further, due to riches force entrance to government, in government force police and military to legalise Women’s prostitution, psychologically ruin Women’s opportunities, support Women to sexual industry at the point when Women are merely angered and discontent at zero employment opportunities – this is not seek for money and joy at sexual exploitation in Red Light District in Amsterdam or Thailand, this is only END to belief that government {men’s led government} are to provide Everyone in society with equal opportunities. All horror of Our life aside – Women are greatest inspiration on earth as They continue to Family life, continue to Friendships, continue to happiness and celebrations, all under the disgrace of men’s lifestyle. We must close all Women’s part to sexual industry, this must be illegality.  We all know for a fact Women do not seek sexual pleasure from men. A Red Light District in Amsterdam or Thailand will be a parody spectacle for children growing when we realise these areas to be packed with men offering sexual pleasure. Women playing professional soccer for million Euro salaries seek a marriage and a Family life, not hormones of uneducated and psychologically unfit men. Masses of men are of no comfort on this planet. Women may humour the entire planet by saying out loud ‘sex’ – I am angered that a men forces to attack every detail to life for gains to sexual activity. Women who have birthed every one of Us will never care for ‘sex’ to be any more than God’s gifting of life (Women are Goddess and the birthing is God), on the other hand men are a failure to existence and traumatize every being on this planet by refusal to work for Women in Women’s Leadership and in Women’s Empowerment.

Burma’s national law criminalises rape. Article 375 of the Myanmar Penal Code prohibits rape, and Article 376 allows the courts to sentence convicted rapists to life in prison.  Defence Services Act and Defence Services Rules are laws prohibiting rapes by Burma army. Laws state the persons committing murder and rape are to be punished  to the maximum of a death penalty. I believe any person on earth having committed murder or rape are to serve a death penalty. Every person commuting rape is to serve a death penalty. International government cannot let persons of these crimes to be ignored as not life ruining criminals, their acts of violences in God’s presence, anyone violating the innocent birth of a child must serve death penalty. No a single child wishes and wants to be born having had Their Heavens of Mother’s wombs violated, We are all born innocent and We are all innocent to abuse of sexual violence. The criminals committing sexual assault must serve death penalty to bring justice to Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the International Labour Organisation Forced Labour Conventions of 1929. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court codifies customary norms in terms of international criminal law. Resolution 1325  is part to Security Council Resolutions enforcing Women’s Rights, passed 31 October 2000, world governments are failing Women’s Rights. UN are failing Women’s Rights. I am horrified UN are operating daily through atrocities against Women around the globe. European Union nations are statistical failure to Women’s Rights, EU are present in military combat and are failing to Women’s Rights at home and around the globe – government failure. I refuse all military combat without zero percent violence against Women.  Military combat for any reason other than Women’s Rights is a failure of military. We are not presented to any greater threat on earth other than Women’s Rights. I am angered and ashamed governments are combating outside territorial homeland of governance for other reasons than establishment of Women’s Rights. We are presented with violence around the globe for economic gain, oil agreements and politics. Governments are unsatisfied with ruling governance and yet refuse to combat atrocities committing organised criminals and replace them with Lady governance, too ensuring security against any threat – instead governments are fighting organised crime and supporting an opposition to take government, an opposition being another men, this is a failure to Women’s Empowerment. Not only are Our governments failing to end criminal governance, they are also not supporting Women’s Leadership. Not a single Women is publicised to to lead a nation carrying mass murder, Women are abused physically and sexually, forced into child marriages and murdered. Military focus is to bring end to child marriage, sexual and physical abuse of Women, not combat over an oil pipeline that neither Children nor Mothers care for when they are assaulted and abused, left isolated from government. Not a Child or a Mother cares for warfare, abusive men of military, politics and society await Boys to grow up to force Them into warfare, with sexual exploitation of Women as the offer in return for murder, exploitation of Women that an uneducated Boy lacks intelligence to understand life and forces physical superiority to abuse Women – this is a global disgrace and it is the only war on this planet. We are not living in times of murder for politics or oil, all murder starts with abuse of Women and refusal of Women’s Rights. If We are to have Women’s Rights in Our society then Women will Lead Our Nations and there will be no warfare based on the simple fact of Women not participating in warfare. World’s men are forcing children into lives of money and politics, fast cars and television to distract one another and forcing exploitation of Women in return for a sickening brotherhood. This is disgust and horrific. This must END NOW.

Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits sexual violence. Burma is a party to Geneva Convention 1949. World government must END sexual violence in Burma to apply Geneva Convention 1949 to the legal system of UN. UN is failing to fulfil Geneva Convention 1949. World Government is failing to END sexual violence in Burma. Our Geneva Convention 1949 is growing criminal acts by its ignorance from application.

I daily read and write to END sexual violence. I oppose all governance other than Women’s government. I am 23 years old, lived under many men led governments – all are a failure to END violence against men. I have not been presented with a single men in government in all EU nations I have lived who has ENDED violence against Women. Every government to this day is a failure. Every government that does not force zero tolerance, zero count of violence against Women is a failure.



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