Horrific Global Sexual Violence

Women’s Rights are Human Rights and these are Supreme Rights. No right is more important than the rights of Women. Women’s rights are Women’s rights and they too are Everyone’s rights. Not a child, not a daughter, not a son, not a husband, not a brother, not Anyone else is not affected by Women’s rights. I acknowledge and support Women’s rights as my Own rights, rights of a 23 year old man. Every Women’s right affects me directly as I am an opposite to a Women, I am of another gender that lives in community with Women. Every failure to honour Women’s rights is a failure for Everyone and We must work to care for the victim. We have rights to personal freedom, to personal safety, to personal happiness. We must tackle every failure to respect Women’s rights. Every failure to respect Women’s rights must be dealt by the criminal courts under strict punishment. Every sexual offence is life threatening. Every sexual offence must serve life incarceration.

One in three Women experience physical and/or sexual violence from partner and/or non partner, this is 35% of world’s Women. If I am to bring up three daughters, one of them is a statistical victim – this is frightening and horrifying, no family can bring up Their children under these circumstances, no Daughter can grow from childhood into teenage years without implicit discrimination that will have affects on Her for the rest of Her life. We cannot let Children grow up to have fears of sexual attacks or physical abuse. Some studies have showed that 70% of Women have experienced sexual and/or physical violence. Our society is filthy. No statistic is to be a norm and Our history is a most filthy lifestyles. I am outraged that I walk on the same streets, shop at the same supermarkets, watch the same television and I can even be approached by a sexual or physical offender. Our police, courts, governments are failing to address sexual and physical crimes. Sexual and physical violence are highest degree crimes and are required to be penalised by a strictest and severest punishment. People are disrespecting Our religion, We are failing God and Our police, courts and politicians are not forcing this terrible atrocity to END.

Nations of the United Nations as Australia, Canada, Israel, United States and South Africa amount to horrifying 40% to 70% intimate partner violence that result in Female murder victims. These are the nations that We follow on everyday media broadcast, these are the nations that We heavily rely on as Our neighbours. It is horrifying We discuss political partnerships and international relations while atrocities are committed in the very neighbourhoods Ourselves live in. I do not accept my national government to fail to involve itself in foreign intervention and marginalize national security interests. I do not accept Lithuanian government and military to force ignorance on national security while intervening in foreign relations. Lithuanian government suggests its will to foreign intervention while national security is at risk. We are required to secure Our nation from victimised crime and punish those who perpetrate Our rights. Lithuanian government is required to stand at 0% of sexual and physical violence and address these concerns to United Nations, ensuring Every Person in every nation is secure and have Their rights protecting Their liberty, freedom and security. We cannot live in a society where Our government is disputing foreign intervention and aid to unstable regions without Our consent and through the sexual and physicals violences Our Women are forced to live through.

Our governments are failing to protect Our daughters, sisters, wife’s and mothers. Millions of Girls and Women are trafficked into modern-day slavery, Women and Girls represent 55% of the estimated 20.9 million victims of forced labour worldwide, and 98% of the estimated 4.5 million forced into sexual exploitation. Lithuanian population is under 3 million people, this is less Women and men than 4.5 million Women and Girls that are forced into sexual exploitation, this is a tragedy We need to END. Every Girl and Women on this earth has rights and We care for Every Women and Girl to live a life of freedom, liberty, security and all dreams They share. We must stand together to END the ruining of Women’s and Girl’s lives worldwide. I dream to work for Each and Every Women and Girl on this earth to realise Their dreams. I dream to be part to Every Women’s and Girl’s dreams. We All have dreams and it is only fair if We All have an equal opportunity to realise them – and I want to work and spend my life working for Every Girl and Women whatever it may be. We need to develop communities where persons as I may join Women, Girls, Boys and Men who have been victim to sexual or physical violence, where We can build all new lives for each one of Us, talk and share happiness. We need to make sure every One Person of 4.5 million have an opportunity to start Their lives anew. We must punish all perpetrators of Our rights and We must offer adequate opportunities for Those affected by crime. Providing Women and Girls with opportunities to start Their lives anew is most important in Our society.

Here is outraging statistics to all persons in government: during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina 20,000-50,000 Women were raped, during the Rwandan genocide 250,000 and 500,000 Women and Girls were targeted. These are times of madness, times We cannot live in, times We All need to stand against and END. These Women and Girls are Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, this world cannot let any Women or Girl be shamed, demeaned, victimised, tortured, beaten, abused, violated, assaulted raped or have anything done against the rights of Women. We are all innocent children of the past, We cannot be let be born under circumstances of violation. Every new born is innocent and deserves a life of privilege. We have no choice but be born and tear apart in tears when Our children are born unwell. We cannot let a child to be born anywhere and be forced into slavery.

In European Union between 40% and 50% of women experience unwanted sexual advances, physical contact or other forms of sexual harassment at work. I do not accept that with United Nations present a Women is demeaned in modern day society. European Parliament is well established to represent every Women in European Union and outside. Criminal courts and police constituencies are failing to END harassment against Women. It is shameful to live in European Union under violations of Women’s Rights. This cannot be present at this time of age, this is a failure of continued failing governance. We need to END men’s governance and welcome Women to lead Our nations. In Women We Trust.

In the United States 83% of Girls aged 12-16 have experienced some form of sexual harassment in public schools. United Nations must END sexual harassment against under aged Girls in United States. It is frightening that United States fails to protect Their Own citizens, it is horrifying that United States demeans Girls living in United States. We are All people of United Nations, We are All protected by Human Rights as established by the Universal Declaration. Organisations are established to monitor and protect Our Human Rights. We have all been born equals and We will forever END perpetrators of Our Rights. Our Rights are Our rights, Your violations are punishable and You need be incarcerated.

In developing countries Women experience twice as much violence as men. In Delhi 66% of Women report experiencing sexual harassment between two and five times during the past year. Women are more likely to be infected by HIV than men by two to four times. Forced sexual intercourse increases the risk by limiting condom use and causing physical injuries. In United States 11.8% of new HIV infections among Women more than 20 years old during the previous year were attributed to intimate partner violence.




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