My Story

Women Like Us Foundation is awesome, teaching, and full of wonders. Thank You.

Women Like Us Foundation


I’m Linda Rendleman.  I hope you’ll read my story.

I was born in the Midwest at a time when women wore white gloves and hats and for the most part, a woman’s place was in the home.  Yes, it was the 50’s. My goal as a little girl watching the world around me was to grow up to be like June Cleaver…or Donna Reed.  I truly thought that I would be happy if I were wearing pearls and high heels around the house with an apron trimmed in lace, all the while being loved and cared for by the most faithful of husbands and having two beautiful healthy perfectly behaved children and, of course, a dog.  I can still see the white picket that made my dream complete.Linda mentoring teen girl

When I was a teenager and ready for college, I was told that a girl should become a teacher or…

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